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Compassionate Divorce Law Firm Helping West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie Residents Find Closure


If you have made the decision to file for divorce, it’s important to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney. By retaining a lawyer, you can focus on your emotional well-being and plans for the future instead of the legal process.

At Gonzalez & Henley, P.A., we understand how difficult a divorce can be. With a compassionate hand and personalized approach, our West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie divorce lawyers work to streamline the process and help you move forward.


Our family law firm guides you through the entire divorce process, helping you resolve issues such as:

  • Division of assets. The fair and equitable division of marital assets is essential to your financial well-being following your divorce. Whether you are able to amicably divide your marital assets or need assistance from the court, our attorneys work to ensure you receive the fair share you are entitled to.
  • Child custody and visitation. Divorce proceedings involving children are often challenging and can be emotionally charged, especially where custody is concerned. In Florida, both parents have rights to custody and visitation, barring extenuating circumstances, such as a history of violence or abuse. This makes it important to create reasonable custody goals. Our Port St. Lucie divorce lawyers work closely with you to develop and pursue fair custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Child support. Florida family law guidelines largely determine who is responsible for child support payments, and how much those payments are to be. There are certain factors that may lead to deviations from the guidelines, however, including a child’s medical or educational needs. We carefully examine your situation before offering advice on how Florida’s child support guidelines apply to your family.
  • Spousal support. Also known as alimony, spousal support can be a temporary or permanent payment made to a partner who sacrificed a career or education to care for the family during the marriage. Spousal support is intended to help that partner maintain financial stability while he or she seeks employment or educational opportunities. We help you understand Florida guidelines and your eligibility for spousal support.

Throughout your divorce proceedings, our family law attorneys work hard to limit the impact the legal process has on your emotional well-being and that of your children.

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Facing the end of a marriage is never easy. At Gonzalez & Henley, P.A., our attorneys are accomplished legal advocates, providing professional, personalized counsel throughout your divorce. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your divorce, contact us online or call 561-507-1675.